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Since 2015 Rikke Benjaminsen and Bernhard Schießl have been running their own equestrian facility in Aspach, Austria.


For Rikke, native of Denmark, it was love that brought her to Austria. Her love for horses which started in childhood, learning to walk and ride at (nearly) the same time. 

As a successful youth rider she developed steadily – and her talent and success continues to grow today. She excels as a professional trainer in western riding, with talent and empathy. 


Bernhard took over his parents’ agriculture several years ago and expanded it into an optimally equipped breeding and training facility. Here he can fully implement his extensive knowledge in training, species-appropriate horse keeping, and horse breeding.

He, too, grew up with horses, and has perfected his skills working with various trainers. He has also successfully proven himself at many shows as a state-certified western riding instructor. 

Bernhard Schießl & Rikke Benjaminsen


Our newly built equestrian centre is located in the heart of the idyllic Innviertel in Aspach, Upper Austria on the edge of the Kobernaußerwald – near the border of Germany, between Salzburg and Linz.


The bright light-flooded riding arena, with integrated stable and tack room, offers optimal training conditions for us, and our riding students. 


Numerous fenced, all-weather paddocks and pastures offer the horses opportunity for daily exercise and fresh air. This way we can ensure that our horses are looked after appropriately, in smalls herds or individually. 


There are fantastic options for trail riding, in a relaxed environment surrounded by nature, and recreational choices in the area. 

We will look forward to welcoming you soon! 


  • Riding arena 22 x 43 m

  • Covered round pen ø 20 m

  • Footing made of a sand-fleece mixture – dust free!

  • Horse walker

  • Paddock boxes & boxes with 12 m2

  • Big indoor wash rack with hot and cold water

  • Daily turn out (depending on the weather)

  • High-quality grain and hay


1 Day (max. 8 participants): € 800,- 
excl. travel costs, boarding and lodging


2 Days (max. 8 participants): € 1.500,- 

excl. travel costs, boarding and lodging

We offer clinics all over the world; don’t hesitate

to book a clinic at your place! 

Boarding: € 400,-

Training: € 550,-

Lessons at our facility: € 35,- (/participant à 45 min)

Lessons at your facility: € 40,- (/participant à 45 min)




Rikke Benjaminsen & Bernhard Schießl

Baumgarten 9

5252 Aspach



Rikke: +43 6606622751

Bernhard: +43 6767390634


Email: rbenjaminsen@icloud.com