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Terms of Service


1. General

The entrepreneur Bernhard Schießl (hereinafter referred to as "operator") provides its services in the context of the website "RB-Showhorses \ RBLeather" exclusively on the basis of the following terms and conditions. The customer of "RB Leather Collection" (hereinafter referred to as "customer") accepts these conditions with the further use of "RB Leather Collection". By accessing the website and the use of the applications, in particular with the ordering of goods, the customer confirms that he has understood the terms and conditions and expressly and irrevocably agrees to them.


2. Scope of service

The operator provides an online platform via the website "RB-Showhorses \ RB Leather". This website offers selected products from the company's product range for sale. In the online shop may not all products are available, which are also offered at the business address (A-5252 Aspach, Baumgarten 9).

3. Products and complaints

Each product that is offered on the aforementioned Internet platform, but also at the above-mentioned business address, represents a one-off production and it is made exclusively by hand. Since recyclable and "second-hand" materials are used for the processing of the products, slight variations in structure and color shades are possible in comparison to the representations of the respective product displayed on the website.


For deviations no liability is assumed. A return shipment due to the above fact is expressly excluded. The customer is thus advised to look at the products pictured in detail and to read descriptions carefully. In particular with regard to the materials used for the processing. Requests by e-mail will be answered gladly.


For processing animal products (leather, fur, animal hair, etc.) are used. Any liability for these products is excluded. The customer has to clarify before ordering whether he reacts allergic to certain materials.


With regard to any objects, it should be noted that these are, of course, processed as "customer-friendly" and safely as possible, but due to the manual labor, isolated risks of injury can not be completely ruled out.


If a product actually does not meet the customer's requirements, there is a possibility that the operator will be contacted by e-mail or telephone. Since the return is excluded for handmade products, any return is dependent on the goodwill of the operator.

4. Order and delivery of products

An order via the online shop is only legally binding if the operator has confirmed the order in writing or by telephone. If products are not available due to missing materials, the operator reserves the right to cancel an already confirmed order. This confirmation e-mail also informs the customer of the delivery time and possibly higher shipping costs.


5. delivery time

The delivery time is the period between the receipt of the payment of the respective order until the completion of the ordered product. For the duration of the delivery no responsibility can be taken over, since this procedure lies outside of the sphere of the operator.


As all products are handmade, longer delivery times are possible. This is especially true for seasonal or Christmas time.


It is a delivery time of 2 - 5 weeks, with the exact estimated delivery time is specified in the confirmation e-mail. Should a longer delivery time be necessary and if such is communicated to the customer, the customer has the possibility within a period of 7 days to withdraw from the contract. However, this withdrawal is to be communicated to the operator as soon as possible, at least within the 7-day period, as this can only begin with the processing of the ordered product after approval for the longer period.


A withdrawal after this 7-day period is ineffective. The product is then also at longer - if not disproportionately long - to acquire delivery time.

6. Price and payment, retention of title

For all products, the prices and shipping costs that are awarded on the Internet platform for the respective product apply. The operator expressly reserves the right to change prices at any time. The prices are incl. VAT, the customer has to pay the shipping costs. Shipping to foreign countries is possible, whereby the shipping costs naturally deviate from the "inner Austrian". The goods are generally shipped by post to the customer. Different shipping costs will be announced in the confirmation e-mail.


The payment of the ordered product and the resulting postage and shipping costs must be made in advance in advance. Payment can be made by bank transfer to the IBAN / BIC specified in the order.


Until the full payment of the purchase price and all associated costs and expenses, the sold product remains the property of the operator. The customer expressly agrees with this retention of title.

7. Exchange and return of products

When ordering via the above Internet presence is a distance selling business. A right of withdrawal of the customer is excluded according to § 18 Abs 1 Z 3 FAGG as amended. All products are made according to customer specifications or tailored to personal needs.


It should be noted that a return only with justified complaint (defects) or after personal agreement. The repayment of the purchase contract has to take place step by step. If the product was destroyed arbitrarily or through gross negligence, the customer is obliged to pay compensation. The operator will indemnify the customer.


If finished goods are offered - whereby this is almost impossible - the withdrawal period is 14 days. It begins with the day of delivery to the customer, with the costs of returning the goods borne by the customer. The product must be returned to the above address within this period and must not be damaged. With expiration of the cancellation period a conversion or a return is excluded also with finished goods.

Furthermore, a withdrawal from the contract - within 7 days from receipt of the confirmation e-mails - is possible, insofar as a longer delivery time than 5 weeks is required and a notification is made.


For customers and consumers outside of Austria, the consumer rights valid in the country of purchase apply additionally.

8. Disclaimer

If submitted products are used improperly, any liability of the operator is excluded. The operator also does not assume liability for allergic reactions or other illnesses that may occur to the customer through the use of animal products.


The products must be handled with care, and even sharp-edged materials can be used. Since no risk of injury can be ruled out, no liability is accepted for intentional, slight and grossly negligent behavior of the customer.


The operator is only liable within the scope of these general terms and conditions and within the scope of the statutory provisions for direct damage caused to the customer by grossly negligent or intentional behavior by the operator. Liability for inaccuracies in relation to the information provided on the website (prices, availability) are excluded. Any liability for indirect damage is excluded.


9. product liability

Any recourse claims that the customer or a third party makes against the operator under the title of product liability in the sense of PHG are excluded. A recourse is only possible if the customer proves that the error was caused in the sphere of the operator and at least caused gross negligence.


10. copyright

Photos and videos uploaded to this website are the property of the operator in both material and immaterial terms. Only this is the copyright for these photos / videos.

11. miscellaneous

The operator reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. Registered users will be informed by e-mail if the terms and conditions change. If the user does not object to the terms and conditions within 14 days, these are considered as accepted by the user.


If any provision of these terms and conditions be wholly or partially invalid or lose their legal effect in the future, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In place of the invalid provision, an applicable provision shall be used that is legally closest to the invalid provision.


All sales contracts are subject to Austrian substantive law. The applicability of the UN Sales Convention is excluded.


For all disputes arising from a contract, the competent court at the registered office of the company has local jurisdiction. The operator reserves the right to sue the customer at his general place of jurisdiction.

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